Why do we have a data processing policy?

This data processing policy will provide you, in a language clear for everyone, with details on the use of your data by the GROUPE SIRENE HOLIDAYS group (hereinafter called the “SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP”) when using the www.camping-boisdevalmarie.fr website. The policy is pursuant to the requirements of the European regulation on the protection of personal data (EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the European Council dated 27th April 2016 – General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, which entered into force on 25th May 2018).


What is the scope of this data processing policy?

The aim of this data processing policy is to set out for you how we collect, manage and process your personal data, particularly when you visit our site.


What is personal data?

It is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (Article 4 GDPR).


Who is the data controller for my personal data?

The data controller is the company which defines for what purpose and how your personal data is collected and used.

Personal data collected on the website www.camping-boisdevalmarie.fr is processed by:


CAMPING LA SIRENE, SAS whose head office is located on Route de TAXO, 66700 ARGELES-SUR-MER (SIREN Number: 634 200 695)


General undertakings concerning the processing of your personal data

The SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP is fully aware of the levels of expectation of individuals (whether customers, users or Internet users) regarding the processing of their personal data.


For this reason, the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP undertakes to:


When is my data likely to be collected?

Your personal data and information may be collected in the following instances.


Upon visiting our website www.camping-boisdevalmarie.fr:


During your email, telephone and SMS communication with our services


When you contribute on our social media pages, in particular on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube


When you take part in events, loyalty or promotion programmes


By mail should you have cause to contact us by this means


Why does the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP collect my personal data?

We collect and use your personal information as part of the following activities and purposes:



This includes:

Carrying out customer management-related transactions concerning:


Carrying out the following prospecting activities:


Organizing competitions, lotteries or any promotional activity


Compiling commercial statistics


The management of requests for data access, correction and objection



We collect certain navigation data, to enable us to ensure the security of our services and detect, avoid or trace all malicious attempts or site hacking, or any breach of the conditions of use for our Services.



We have to collect CVs and application letters that recruitment candidates send to us. These documents can be sent to us by email using the information on our website’s recruitment page at https://www.camping-boisdevalmarie.fr/en/various/jobs


Data collected

Personal data may be collected by the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP, during the processing activities detailed above including the following information:


On what lawful basis and for what lengths of time is my personal data processed?

The processing of your personal data is justified on various bases (lawful bases), dependent upon our use of given personal data.

You will find below the lawful bases and retention periods which we apply to our main data processing procedures.



Amongst the applicable legal bases are:


The contract – the processing of your personal data is required for the performance of the contract to which you have consented.
This lawful basis applies to managing the given customer relationship.


Your consent – you accept the processing of your personal data by giving express consent (tick box, click, etc…). You can withdraw this consent at any time.
This lawful basis applies to our newsletters and our other communications activities.


Legitimate interest – we have a commercial interest in processing your data which is justified, balanced and is not prejudicial to your privacy. Subject to exceptions, you can at any time object to a given processing on the legitimate interest basis, by indicating this to us.
This lawful basis particularly applies to the management of any prospecting.


The law – the processing of your personal data is compulsory by virtue of the law.
This lawful basis particularly applies to data used by our accounts department, as well as customer data used when implementing legal guarantees for our products.



The SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP can keep personal data for a specific period of time. However, this must not exceed the maximum retention time periods, as intended by the laws and regulations applicable in this field.

The majority of customer data (for example data about your customer account and order history is retained as long as you remain an “active” customer and for a period of three years from your last activity with us (for example a purchase, going online to your account or from the end of a contract or guarantee). Your data is then archived with restricted access for a further time period for limited reasons permitted by law (payment, guarantee, disputes…). After this deadline, it is deleted.



Purpose of processing Lawful basis Time period for retention on an operational basis                                                                                Useful observations
Management of customers and prospective customers Contract

and Legitimate Interest

The duration of the contractual relationship + 3 years from the date of the last activity An “activity” consists of an affirmative action by the prospective customer (for example requesting information)
Recruitment processes Consent 2 years after the last contact save for a formal agreement for a longer retention period. You can request the return or the destruction of documents and data sent


Who are the Data Recipients of my data?



The data that we collect through the website www.camping-boisdevalmarie.fr can be made accessible, as part of the above-mentioned purposes, between the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP, being our three campsites (LA SIRENE, L’HIPPOCAMPE, LE BOIS DE VALMARIE) and our Reservation centre.



Data which we collect can be made accessible, indeed transferred, to service providers (subcontractors), which the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP uses as part of the above-mentioned purposes, for example in the management of recruitment operations or for our website maintenance.


Is my data ever transferred outside of the European Union?

Your data is not transferred outside of the European Union.

The Internet user is nevertheless informed that the website www.camping-boisdevalmarie.fr uses the services of Google Ireland Limited (Ireland), for the provision of the analytics service “Google Analytics” (please see the detail in the section dedicated to cookies).


Are COOKIES stored on my computer?



A cookie is a small block of data sent to your Internet navigator and stored on the hard disk of your given terminal (whether a computer, tablet or smartphone) for the duration of the said cookie’s validity.

There are different types of cookies for example:


“Necessary” (or technical) cookies, essential for the correct operation of the site (display in a given language, the options linked with accepting/refusing other cookies, etc…). The storage of this type of cookie does not require your consent.


“Functional” cookies, for example enabling the recording of your “basket” for a few hours, on a given retail website. The storage of this type of cookie requires your consent.


“Analytics” cookies (for site traffic volume), which produce anonymous statistics (visitor location, hours and the length of your website visit with us, etc…). The storage of this type of cookie requires your consent.


“Publicity” cookies which will enable us to both identify you and identify your preferences according to your Internet behaviour, to offer you targeted advertising. The storage of this type of cookie requires your consent.


These cookies can be directly stored by the website server (for example as with technical cookies) or “third party” servers approved by the website manager (for example as with publicity cookies).


The storage of cookies is subject to compliance with rules, in particular:



Please be advised that during your visit to our site (and per your choices) we may place the following cookies on your terminal (whether a computer, tablet or smartphone):


ANALYSIS _ga REQUIRED 13 months Google Analytics
ANALYSIS _gat_UA-49401288-1 REQUIRED  1 minute Google Analytics
ANALYSIS _gid REQUIRED 24 hours Google Analytics
TECHNICAL test_cookie REQUIRED 15 minutes Google Analytics
TECHNICAL NID REQUIRED 0 second Google Analytics
TECHNICAL CONSENT REQUIRED 0 second Google Analytics
TECHNICAL IDE REQUIRED 0 second Google Analytics
TECHNICAL axeptio_all_vendors NOT REQUIRED 0 second Axeptio
TECHNICAL axeptio_authorized_vendors NOT REQUIRED 0 second Axeptio
TECHNICAL axeptio_cookies NOT REQUIRED 0 second Axeptio




You have several options for deleting and managing cookies:


Through the management of the cookies plug-in on our website

On your first visit to our site, a plug-in offers you the chance to accept, refuse or set the parameters of the COOKIES.

If you do not wish this cookie to be either installed or read on your terminal equipment, an opt-out cookie will be stored on your IT equipment. Our website will thus record this information.

Likewise, when you accept the use of this cookie, a consent cookie is installed on your terminal equipment.

At any time, by clicking on the button [Review my cookie preferences] you will be able to access the plug-in and change your preferences.


By regularly deleting the cookies on your terminal through your navigator


By setting the parameters of your navigator

You will be able to configure your navigation software so that cookies are registered on your terminal, or are rejected, either systematically, or using their transmitter (nevertheless, do not forget to set the parameters of all the navigators on your various terminals).

However, we draw your attention to the fact that by setting the parameters of your navigator to refuse cookies, some functionalities, pages and areas of our site, which necessitate the use of technical or functionality cookies, will not be accessible. We cannot be held responsible for this. In particular, our consideration of your refusal to install a given cookie depends upon whether or not a given cookie has been stored. Therefore, if you deactivate all the cookies on your terminal, or if you change terminals, we will no longer know that you have chosen this option.

Each navigator’s configuration is different. The configuration is described in the help menu of your navigator.

By way of examples:



For more information about how to set the parameters for your navigation software, we invite you to consult the site for the French Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des Libertés – CNIL: Cookies: tools for managing them | CNIL.




If you have accepted third party publicity cookies, the cookie(ies) stored on your terminal depend(s) upon an external data controller, which is likely to process your personal data.

Data sharing with this third party, by means of cookies and other trackers, is both your choice and your responsibility.

On our website, the third party in question is Google. You are invited to go to the pages dedicated to cookies on Google to get information on how the latter uses cookies and other trackers: https://policies.google.com/privacy


What undertakings are made by the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP concerning the confidentiality of my personal data?

SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP guarantees the confidentiality of your data, of whatever nature, whether in writing or oral, of which the organisation has knowledge, and refrains from communicating, selling, exchanging, transferring or sharing it with third parties, subject to the provisions of this data processing policy.


This confidentiality undertaking does not apply to data:


The third parties detailed above must, in all of these cases, agree to adhere strictly to the confidentiality undertakings required by the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP, and to only use your personal data for the sole purposes for which it has been disclosed.


What undertakings does the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP make as regards the security of my personal data?

We implement administrative, software and physical measures to protect the security of your personal data from loss, theft, as well as unauthorised access, use and alteration.

Technical measures are taken so that IT systems supporting the personal data processing comply with the internal requirements of the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP. Organisational measures are taken so that all applications that support personal data processing are subject to a security integration process in projects, in accordance with the requirements of the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP.

Nevertheless, we remind you that each user should also take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software against the risks of intrusion or contamination by viruses, and carry out all necessary backups.

Likewise, all users of websites and mobile/Internet applications published by the companies in the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP acknowledge having been advised that the integrity, authentication and confidentiality of information, files and data of any nature, that they wish to exchange on the Internet network, cannot be guaranteed as soon as they are outside of the control of the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP.


What are my rights concerning the use of personal data?

Primarily, you have the right to be informed in a sufficiently clear and informative manner as to the personal data processing implemented by the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP.


We actively work towards continuous improvement of our data methods. If you consider that you have not been sufficiently informed or have suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to let us know by email: contact@camping-lasirene.fr


Pursuant to the regulations on the protection of personal data, you can exercise your rights (whether as to access, correction, deletion, objection, limitation and portability if necessary) and define the outcome of your personal data “post-mortem”.


To do this, you can contact the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP:


by email:                     contact@camping-lasirene.fr


or by post:


Service de protection des données

Route de Taxo à la mer



To enable us to respond quickly, please indicate your surname, first name, email, postal address and, if necessary, your customer reference.


Some requests to exercise your rights (for example the right of access) must be accompanied by a photocopy of a form of ID bearing your signature to check your identity. You must also state your reply address. A reply will then be sent to you within a period of a month following receipt of the request.


Moreover, you have the right to make a complaint to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL). You can do this notably on its Internet site www.cnil.fr.


Does the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP have a designated DPO?

The designation of a Data Protection Officer is only required in the types of cases contained in Article 37 of the GDPR.

The processing activities effected by the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP do not fall within the scope of the cases referred to. Consequently, the companies in the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP have not designated a Data Protection Officer (DPO).


Changes to this data processing policy

This data processing policy reflects the general undertakings of the SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP as at the date of its publication.

The SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP has a continuous improvement approach as regards the protection of personal data and hence will have cause to amend the current data processing policy.

We will display these changes on this page, and we will strive to indicate all significant changes to you. The SIRENE HOLIDAYS GROUP asks you to regularly consult its data processing policy.